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Camping at Pinnacles National Park, Nov 16-17

We are planning a campout and hike to Pinnacles National Park south of Hollister for Saturday to Sunday, November 16 to 17. On Saturday we’ll do an 8-mile loop hike through the pinnacles, through a tunnel, and past the bat caves. The troop has done this twice in recent years and seen tarantulas, sleeping bats, and other wildlife. On Sunday, people can head home after breakfast or go on another hike.

This is a good opportunity to complete Camping MB requirements for nights, hiking, and cooking; for Tenderfoot, Second Class, or First Class cooking; for Troop events and campouts; Second Class map and compass; and more. For more information and to sign up see the calendar page for this event at Pinnacles Camping.

The park was an active volcano region millions of years ago split by the San Andreas fault and contains talus caves, lava tubes, and majestic rock spires. Pinnacles is one of four sites where captive-bred condors are released to live in the wild, and many of these birds live out their lives flying between Pinnacles and the Big Sur coast.  Pinnacles was set aside as a monument by Theodore Roosevelt in 1908 and became a national park in 2013.  

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